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What Does the Tie Rod Do in The Volvo

Volvo Tie Rod Repair

As an active and involved Volvo owner, it makes sense that you take the time to really get to know your car. You are able to name most of the parts and you know what they do. You are curious to learn all you can about what makes up your Volvo, because knowing all of the parts can help you to understand how your car works.

As a responsible Volvo owner, you take the time to know what pieces are put together to build the amazing car that you have. It will take time to learn all about your Volvo, but it is worth it in the end. You will know what signs and symptoms to be aware of when something needs to be repaired or replaced.

Whether because you’re having issues with it or you’re learning just for fun, you have decided it is time to gather all of the information you can about the tie rod in your Volvo. Below is some information on the tie rod, what it does, and what can sometimes go wrong with it.

What is the Tie Rod

The simple answer is that the tie rod is what ultimately helps the wheels to respond to how you are turning the wheel. The tie rod connects the steering knuckles and the steering rack. This connection is then where the wheels connect so they can pivot in the direction you are turning the steering wheel. In order for the wheels to respond to the direction of the steering wheel, there has to be a tie rod in place.

The outer part of the tie rod can get worn down easily. If this happens, then problems with your Volvo can arise. Without the proper lubrication at the tie rod ends, then the wheel alignment can be affected. Worn down and damaged tie rod ends can also lead to worn tires, with the most severe affect being the disconnection of the tie rod. If the tie rod were to disconnect then you would lose control of your Volvo.

Symptoms of a Failing Tie Rod

The first thing you may notice if the tie rod is failing in your Volvo is that the steering wheel will begin to shake or feel loose. Due to the fact that the tie rod is a crucial part of the suspension, if any part of it is getting worn down, you will begin to feel ever-worsening vibrations. You may start to notice small vibrations at 20 mph and the vibrations will grow as you speed up the car. If you realize that this is happening to your Volvo, then you will want to take it into a specialist so they can look at the entire front end of your car to be able to pinpoint the exact source of the vibrations.

A second thing that might point to a failing tie rod is the need for a wheel alignment. One of the main reasons that the tie rod exists in your Volvo is to stabilize all the components in the front end of your car. Without this stabilization, your Volvo will begin to drift to either the left or the right even when you are holding your steering wheel steady. Unfortunately, the failing of a tie rod will lead to the failure of other parts in the front end of your Volvo.

More Information About Tie Rods

Volvo XC60 R At Glenwood Foreign Car, we take pride in being knowledgeable about many foreign cars, including Volvos. Our location can be reached from the areas of Upper Makefield Township, Yardley, Newtown, and Morrisville, PA, which makes it easy and convenient to bring your Volvo in.

If you have any questions about the tie rod, never hesitate to ask. We will also do a thorough inspection of the front end of your Volvo if you feel that there may be something wrong with the tie rods. This is because we know that an issue with the tie rods could mean the possibility of future issues elsewhere in your car. We want to keep you and others as safe as possible by finding and addressing any potential problems. You will know very quickly that your vehicle is in the right hands as our service technicians work to get your Volvo back on the road.

* Volvo XC60 R image credit goes to: gargantiopa.

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