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Why Does the Driveshaft Support Fail in Porsches?

Porsche Driveshaft

Of the well-known and respected car brands out in the world, there is no doubt that Porsche takes the cake when it comes to class, reliability, quality, and style. These flashy, sporty cars are the pride of all who own them, and the envy of those who don’t. Porsche is established as one of the best luxury car brands, and as such, one expects a high-quality driving experience. Unfortunately, something that imperils this is driveshaft failure. While not incredibly common, it can be extremely detrimental and is important to avoid for a variety of reasons, including safety, price, and inconvenience.

The driveshaft is a mechanical object connected to other sections of the drivetrain that helps conduct torque and rotation throughout the area. It’s not connected directly to allow full movement between the different areas and provide ease of motion.

While there are multiple reasons that the driveshaft on any car can fail, the most consistent cause is the center bearing mount, which is set in rubber. It supports the CV joint and propshaft. Because rubber is a soft, pliable material, it’s quicker to give out and can be worn down much faster. The vibration that rattles the CV—which happens almost all the time—breaks down the rubber over time. Some companies provide a replacement option that doesn’t include the rubber mount, which could help the driveshaft remain intact for longer, since replacing the rubber mount will only delay the problem happening again, not prevent it.

Common Signs of Driveshaft Failure

A damaged driveshaft is a relatively obvious phenomenon and should be clear to the driver. Changes in both the ride and driving experience of the car—as well as strange or different sounds—are very likely possibilities.

When accelerating or decelerating, a clunking, thumping, or rattling sound is one of the first indicators. It suggests that the center support mount has begun to fail, and is allowing much freer movement of the shaft. The movement, caused by changes in gear and torque, will allow the shaft to knock into other parts of the car, making the loud clunking noise.

Another possible sound is any kind of whine, though it can often be high-pitched. Caused by a dry and worn out support bearing, the whine is a good indicator that it’s time for the car to get checked out. Because the center mount is rubber, as it continues to take a beating over the course of its life it dries and cracks. During its full revolutions, the cracking rubber makes the high-pitched, whining sound that is proof of such a problem.

The C.V. joint itself can also be a problem. If these joints because dry and worn, they further allow the rollers to wear out. With no lubrication, they scratch across the surface and make a noticeable squeaky or grinding sound.

Other Common Reasons for Driveshaft Support Failure

While the center bearing is the most common cause of the driveshaft failure, many other factors come into play. Manufacturing malfunctions, improper or inaccurate installing, long-time wear and tear, and consistent use can all make an impact and help create problems in the car.

This problem is the most common in the Porsche Cayenne, though it can occur in other models of the brand, or other cars as well. When in doubt, it’s always safest to get your car to a certified and trusted Porsche specialist as soon as possible in order to prevent any long-term damage or danger to you and your family while driving.

How We Can Help You

Porsche Emblem Thankfully, we at Glenwood Foreign Cars have the certifications, skills, and genuine interest in you and your vehicle to ensure quality, timely, and careful repairs. Specializing in European cars, our friendly team will make sure that your car is treated with the care that it deserves. We come with a deep understanding of how these luxurious cars are created, and we can make sure that it is returned to you healthy and safe.

Located in Morrisville, PA, we also serve Yardley and Newtown, PA with our excellent, reliable, and affordable service. Since 1977, we’ve been servicing all types of European vehicles and know how to ensure a quality experience for you.

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