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What Causes Front Strut Failure in a Volvo?

Volvo Front Strut

When you own a Volvo, you know that you own a vehicle that is reliable and will remain that way for a long time. Volvos are built to last and go through all the journeys you may have, big and small. Volvos are great everyday cars and family cars as well because they are also built for safety. No matter what the reason is behind buying a Volvo, you will know that it is a vehicle you can depend on for many years to come.

As with any vehicle, your Volvo will get older and begin to age. It can be expected that your Volvo will need regular maintenance and some parts will need to be replaced. One part that will need to be watched is the front strut. Watch out for the symptoms mentioned below so you can know if your front strut is beginning to fail.

Knocking Noises When Driving Over Bumps

The struts are important pieces of your Volvo because they keep the chassis, wheel assembly, and body running smoothly when going over bumps. The strut is made up of a couple different parts that all work together to ensure that the vehicle is able to go over bumps without disturbing the drive. The knocking sounds will be heard near the front tires if these internal pieces of the strut have worn out. When the strut engages over a bump, the knocking will indicate to you that metal is now grinding against metal and that the front struts have failed.

The Overall Ride is Bumpy

As mentioned above, the struts are necessary to keep your Volvo driving smoothly. The more the struts are kept up and maintained, the easier ride you will have whenever you drive. Once they have failed, you will feel every bump, crack, dip, and turn in the road. It will become very uncomfortable very quickly and is not something that should be ignored. The bumpiness will be a very large indication that your front struts have failed. It is a good idea to get your Volvo inspected as soon as you can if you are experiencing a persistently bumpy ride.

Uneven Tire Wear

If the front struts have failed, your front tires are going to experience more wear than the back tires. It is also a possibility that only one of the front struts will fail so that will cause one front tire to show more damage than the other. This is because the tires will have more pressure on them due to the fact that the struts are no longer functioning properly. The struts are there to help absorb the bumps and jerks that happen during regular driving, but once they have failed the tires are going to feel the full weight of the vehicle. Unevenly worn tires can make driving dangerous. You will not know if at any moment the other strut could fail or the tires could pop. These are only a few examples of how your safe Volvo could take a turn toward the dangerous side if the suspected failed struts are left unchecked.

Do Something About Those Failed Front Struts

Volvo Over BumpNow that you are aware of the signs to be aware of when the front struts of your Volvo fail, it is time to take it in for servicing done by a reliable center. Here at Glenwood Foreign Car, you can rest assured knowing that we will take amazing care of your Volvo. Conveniently accessible from the areas of Upper Makefield Township, Yardley, Newtown, and Morrisville, PA, you will find that one of our technicians is readily available to inspect your Volvo.

Our technicians are properly trained and certified in European vehicles so they will know what diagnostics need to be completed in order to determine the accurate cause of the front strut failure. Once the issue has been identified and isolated, we will discuss the options you have. We want your Volvo to have the best parts available so we will replace the struts with high-quality parts without charging you those unreasonable dealership prices. With the new front struts in place in your vehicle, you will be able to enjoy that trademark smooth ride in your Volvo once more.

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