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When to Carry Out Fuel Injector Service on Your BMW in Morrisville

BMW Fuel Injector

Driving a BMW is a luxury that comes with a performance level set higher above other vehicles in its class. When you purchase a BMW, you know that you are driving a vehicle that is meant to last and look good while doing so. As your BMW gets older and you get more use out of it, there are some parts that may need servicing. One of those parts is the fuel injector. Below, you will find information on what the fuel injector is and the symptoms to look for if you think this part is failing.

What is the Fuel Injector System

The fuel injector system is made up of multiple parts that are responsible for sending the engine the correct mixture of fuel and air in order for the engine to function properly. Depending on what type of injector system you have in your BMW, the fuel will be fired from the take to either the inlet manifold or the inlet port. When the fuel is fired, it is done in a fashion where the fuel will come out as a fine mist. When the fuel reaches the inlet manifold or the inlet port, it will mix with the air, and this combination enters the combustion chamber.

In regards to the injectors, they are screwed to the inlet manifest, and this is the part that sprays the fuel into the necessary fine mist. There are two types of fuel injectors that can be found in your BMW. The first will continuously run when the engine is on and running. The second type is a timed injection where the fuel comes out in bursts and these bursts coincide with the cylinder. If the fuel injector is manual, it uses a spring that is released when there is fuel pressure. If the injector is on an electronic system, a magnet controls when the spring is released.

Symptoms of a Failing Fuel Injector

Knowing the signs that point to a failing fuel injector is the first step when trying to identify whether or not to take your BMW in for service. The first symptom is that it may be difficult starting your BMW. When the fuel injectors need to be replaced, your BMW will not receive the necessary amount of fuel in order to start properly. So, your BMW will be difficult to start.

The second symptom is decreased gas mileage. When you notice that your BMW seems to have less gas mileage than before, then you know that there could be an issue with the fuel injectors. If the proper and sufficient amount of fuel is not getting injected into the engine or the mixture is not correct, the gas mileage will be negatively impacted.

The third symptom of a failing fuel injector is that you BMW now has a rough idle. A rough idle means that while your BMW is turned on but not moving, it is shaking more than normal or it is making noises that you have not heard before. This rough idling indicates that the fuel is not being injected into the engine smoothly. There are many reasons as to why the fuel is not injecting properly, but one of the main ones is that the injector is clogged or dirty. The dirt will prevent the fuel injector from performing as intended.

Taking Your BMW in for Servicing

The first step is being aware of the signs BMW Fuel Injector Servicing and symptoms for when you should bring your BMW in for an inspection of the fuel injector. The next step is to actually bring in your BMW to a garage you trust. At Glenwood Foreign Car, you will find unrivaled service on European vehicles. Conveniently accessible from the areas of Upper Makefield Township, Yardley, Newtown, and Morrisville, PA, you will find an automotive shop that cares about your BMW as much as you do. You can rest assured knowing your BMW is being serviced by an expert technician that has dealership knowledge and experience without the dealership pricing. When you bring your BMW to Glenwood Foreign Car, a technician will be able to pinpoint the exact reason behind the fuel injector failure. The technician will then go over the options you have for repair or replacement and provide you with honest, affordable prices.

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