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Reasons Behind Parking Brake Failure in Land Rovers

Land Rover Parking Brake Failure

With a great car such as a Land Rover, keeping the parking brake in optimal condition is unspeakably important when driving on unconventional roads and dangerous weather. Given that the parking brake can potentially be the difference between the car staying in place and rolling off a hill, here is all you need to know about parking brake failure.

In this article, we will discuss what parking brake failure is, why parking brakes are important, and how to deal with parking brake failure.

What is Parking Brake Failure?

Parking brake failure describes the event where the parking brake does not appropriately carry out its function of keeping the car immobile while it is parked. Putting a car into the parked gear only places a small amount of friction on the gears that prevents it from forward movement due to gravity or other forces, so additional braking assistance from the parking brake is especially important for heavy vehicles or parking on hills.

How does a parking brake work?

The parking brake functions by first pressing down the parking brake pedal or lever. This places pressure on the parking brake cable, which engages the brake system. The extra friction is useful for conditions such as steep hills and inclines. Sometimes, however, the parking brake function may degrade, depending on the parking brake cable and the brakes.

When the external forces overcome the friction of the parking brake on the wheels, the car can begin to roll. As expected, there are many serious consequences associated with this problem. Any possible failure with a vehicle’s brakes must be dealt with immediately.

Problems of Parking Brake Failure

If you find that you must park on any incline, or even in a tight parking spot, you do not want your car to move at all while it is in park. Without the parking brake engaged, any movement could result in a collision with other cars. If your car gains momentum, it could roll into the street and cause a major accident. Although you might not be in the vehicle, a random car rolling in the middle of the road may cause others to swerve wildly and could also injure pedestrians. Your vehicle will most likely only come to a stop after colliding with a building, fence, or another car. Needless to say, this is an extremely dangerous situation.

In addition, having a parking brake failure while driving may have a direct impact on the driver’s personal safety as well. In emergency situations, the parking brake may be engaged to increase the friction and deceleration speed to potentially avoid a collision. In order for this to occur optimally, the condition of not only the parking brake but also the brake calipers and tires must be well-maintained.

Dealing with Parking Brake Failure

Since the performance of the parking brake is dependent on many other factors, it may be difficult to attribute the failure to only the parking brake. If the failure is indeed due to the parking brake, it is likely due to a problem with the parking brake cable being unable to engage the brakes properly, so getting that checked out and replaced is priority.

Next, if the parking brake is working but not providing the desired results, it may be useful to also examine the condition of the brake calipers and the tire treads and make sure those are working well. Ensuring that the entire braking system is perfect is essential to staying safe not only on the road but when parked as well.

The Solution to Parking Brake Failure

If you think that there may be an issue with the brakes Land Rover Parking Brake Issue Check or the parking brake, it is time to get it checked out. Perhaps more important than the engine system itself, the braking system and parking brake mechanism is the first line of safety and of utmost maintenance importance.

For excellent customer service and years of automobile maintenance experience, bring your Land Rover to Glenwood Foreign Car in Upper Makefield Township, Yardley, Newtown, and Morrisville, PA. We have the specialists and tools needed to turn your parking brake failure into a parking brake success. Come visit us at your convenience. You can call for an appointment or stop by to talk to one of our technician. We will get you back on the road with confidence in your vehicle’s performance and safety.

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