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Ways to Handle Muffler Bracket Failure in Volkswagen in Morrisville

Volkswagen Muffler Bracket

The muffler bracket is one of those vehicle components that many people hardly pay any attention to until they develop a problem. It is hardly news that many Volkswagen drivers have had to seek the services of auto mechanics after having experienced certain symptoms in their cars; symptoms that point to problems in the muffler bracket. What many of these owners don’t know is that the muffler bracket can be easily replaced without incurring much cost and the process is not labor intensive.

What is the Muffler Bracket?

A muffler bracket is a hanger through which the exhaust pipe under the car is passed such that it remains held up and in position. The muffler bracket is made of fortified rubber to ensure its longevity as it holds up the exhaust pipes and muffler for the proper functioning of the car. Going by its position underneath the car, the muffler bracket can easily be destroyed as a result of a number of factors.

Causes of Muffler Bracket Failure

The major cause of muffler bracket failure is wear and tear of the rubber component. In as much as the muffler is made of strong durable rubber, the driving conditions may easily shorten the life of the material and cause it to disintegrate much faster than anticipated by the manufacturer. Constantly bumping the underside of the car on bumps and potholes will likely bring on this hastened wear. This is particularly likely where the car is much lower and closer to the ground.

Extreme changes in temperature can also cause damage to the muffler bracket. Since the bracket is made of rubber, excessive summer heat and freezing winter temperatures will cause expansion and contraction of the rubber, and after a while the rubber will dry out and develop cracks. This may lead to failure, which then leads to the exhaust pipe hanging low and sometimes hitting the ground.

Symptoms of Muffler Bracket Failure

Since its main role is to hold up the exhaust pipe and ensure that it is in the perfect position to work efficiently, the pipe will likely feel the effects of muffler bracket failure immediately. These effects will present as noises from the underside of the car when driving on rough, uneven roads or when going over bumps or potholes.

In dire cases, the entire exhaust pipe may start dragging on the road as the car moves, posing a safety hazard to the vehicle’s occupants as well as other road users.

How to Handle Muffler Bracket Failure

Dealing with muffler bracket failure may be as simple as replacing the rubber Volkswagen Muffler Bracket Fixingloops or the entire exhaust system, depending on the extent of damage brought on by the failure. In case the rubber muffler bracket is simply broken, you’ll need to replace the loops. The first step in replacing these is to remove all the loops holding up the exhaust pipe. Usually, the muffler bracket has two rubber loops and both need to be replaced at the same time in order to prevent uneven wear that may render separate repairs counterproductive.

Because DIYs may not be everybody’s cup of tea, the best option is usually to take your Volkswagen into an auto repair shop and have a professional mechanic have a look. This way, you not only get the repair job done correctly the first time, but you also get an experienced technician who knows what they are doing to work on your car. This can be done easily if you have a proper servicing schedule for your car. During the course of the service, your mechanic will alert you to any repairs that need to be done before the exhaust pipe hangs too low, or worse still, scrapes on the ground as you drive.

Glenwood Foreign Car understands that your Volkswagen needs proper care and servicing. We have experience in handling European models like the Volkswagen and will ensure that your car remains in perfect condition so that you can enjoy the quality associated with it. We offer services to customers in Upper Makefield Township, Yardley, Newtown, and Morrisville, PA. Call or stop by today to make an appointment for your Volkswagen!

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