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Help Diagnosing Your Porsche’s Suspension Noises From Morrisville’s Experienced Mechanics

  • April 6, 2020
  • Porsche Repair
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Porsche Suspension Noise

The reputation that Porsche has built up for buttery smooth driving is largely due to its refined suspension system. The Porsche suspension is fine-tuned to cushion almost all road textures and can make even the most bumpy road feel smooth. With that said, this makes it easy for Porsche drivers to quickly detect any suspension issues, such as squeaking, squealing, thumping, and clunking suspension noises.

Noises come from the suspension because of its many moving parts such as struts, control arms, ball joints, and bushing which can rub against each other and produce sounds. With this in mind, let’s look at the Porsche’s suspension and learn the root cause for suspension noises in your high-performance car.

Why your Porsche’s Suspension is So Important

A working suspension is essential for a comfortable driving experience. Without a high-quality suspension system, you would be in for a bone-shaking ride that will leave you aching for hours.

The main role of your suspension is shock-absorption. When the car moves over the textures of the road, the shock absorbers in the suspension take on the kinetic (movement) energy and dampen it down, converting it into heat. This means you feel far less of the road.

The suspensions springs are responsible for metering out the impacts of bumps or potholes, expanding and contracting as needed to prevent you from being bounced around in your seat.

Finally, your suspension also keeps you safe, preventing the car from tipping over when cornering. The implementation of anti-roll bars disperse the vehicle’s weight, helping you to stay low and close to the road and preventing dangerous situations from happening.

Signs of Suspension Failure

The most common sign of suspension issues is irritating noises. Drivers are quick to notice this audible, tell-tale symptom. These noises are most commonly heard when navigating bumps and potholes in the road but can also be heard when cornering. You may also notice you are being bounced around in your seat more than before. Your car may also feel or visibly appear off-balance, with one corner or one side sitting lower to the ground than the other.

Reasons Behind Suspension Noises in Your Porsche

The number one culprit behind suspension noise are parts rubbing against one another. Moving parts can become damaged and able to overextend or move into other parts, causing loud or screeching noises. To prevent this wear and tear, your suspension’s moving parts need to be well-lubricated to keep things moving smoothly. This also will prevent untimely, premature breakdown, which is a cost drivers can avoid if they maintain their vehicle properly.

While there are some home tests you can use to try to figure out the problem, such as pressure and release tests, in general, getting to the heart of the cause of suspension noises can be tricky. Most drivers choose to leave this to the professionals. After all, DIY trial and error will likely cause more damage and cost you more in the long run. You’ve lost valuable time and money, whereas a professional mechanic has the right tools to diagnose and repair the problem quickly to get you back on the road safely without the annoying noise.

Don’t Put up with Suspension Noise

It is important to never settle for suspension noises, as this really does counteract Porsche Suspension Repair all that is special about being a Porsche owner. It is also important not to ignore the problem, as it can often be an early warning sign from your car that there is an underlying problem. It is best to fix it now, rather than be sorry later down the road.

Instead, you should find a quality repair shop that has experience repairing and servicing the intricate Porsche brand. It is important to only bring your car to a Porsche specialist, as they will be able to pinpoint your problem far more quickly and affordably than budget mechanics, and repairs are likely to be much more long-lasting with guaranteed workmanship.

Glenwood Foreign Car

If you suspect your Porsche has suspension problems, visit Glenwood Foreign Car today. We service drivers in the Upper Makefield Township, Yardley, Newtown, and Morrisville, PA areas and surrounding communities. We are Porsche experts who will give your vehicle the 5-star service it deserves, meaning you will always drive away with a safe and reliable repair.

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