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The Most Efficient Technicians in Morrisville to Repair Your Mercedes’ Differential Failure

  • April 23, 2020
  • Mercedes Repair
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Mercedes Differential

Mercedes are high-quality, reliable cars but they can develop problems. The differential is one component in your Mercedes that experiences premature wear. It is known to malfunction and fail before its scheduled maintenance.

The Function of a Differential

The differential transfers power from the engine to the wheels. It allows the wheels to rotate at the same speed as well as different speeds, such as when turning your car. When you make a turn, your wheels rotate at different speeds, as one side of the car has to cover more ground than the other. The differential makes curves and corners easier to navigate. It is also an important component for providing stability and consistency.

Lifetime Differential Fluid

Mercedes states that they have lifetime differential fluid, but this statement is misleading. Lifetime only means that you can go longer without changing the fluid. The lifetime of the fluid actually depends on how the car is driven. Over time, all components see wear. It doesn’t help that the differential doesn’t have a filter to keep out debris.

What Causes Failure

The differential in a Mercedes is known to wear prematurely. The wearing of the gears creates metal shavings. These metal shavings add additional friction, causing even more wear. Leaks are also common and cause fluid loss. Fluid must be kept at the proper level to provide the correct amount of lubrication.

Common Symptoms of Differential Failure

If you begin to experience any issues with your differential, see your mechanic as soon as you can. Differential failure can be catastrophic and lead to high repair bills, but taking care of the issues early can save you time and money.

Common symptoms of a damaged differential:


The most common symptom of a failing differential is a whining noise. This noise is due to a lack of lubrication.

Extreme Vibrations

When the universal joints wear out, you can experience vibrations. The vibration often intensifies during acceleration. Vibrations can get worse if there is a differential fluid leak.

Humming or Gear Grinding

These noises often get louder when you are accelerating. They are coming from the worn-out gears.

Burning Smell

Leaking differential oil can lead to a burning smell. A gearbox can also overheat and produce this smell when it isn’t properly lubricated.

Oil Leak

If an oil leak is located near the axles, it could be differential fluid. When your Mercedes doesn’t have proper lubrication, the differential will wear out. Leaks need to be fixed right away. Continuing to drive your car with a differential leak can lead to axle, wheel, and transmission damage.

Worn Tires

It the differential is experiencing issues, your car is going to have a harder time accelerating, slowing down, and making turns. This will put more stress on your tires leading to uneven wear. Other issues can also cause uneven tire wear.

Check Engine Light

If your check engine light is illuminated, it means that your car detected a problem. Your light can be triggered many different issues. If your engine light comes on, bring your car in right away so that we can run a diagnostic check.

Preventing Failure

Drive Sensibly

Burnouts can damage your differential. The sudden jolt as your wheels grabs the pavement can cause premature failure.

Check the Fluid Level

Even though your Mercedes has what they call lifetime fluid, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to have it checked and changed. Fluid can leak out and debris can get in.

Preventative Maintenance

Many vehicle failures can be prevented by regular service and maintenance. Oil changes and regular maintenance are often overlooked by drivers. But they are important for making your vehicle last. Having issues taken care of now will save you money in the future.

We Are Here for You

Glenwood Foreign Car is the Mercedes Differential Repair best independent European Auto Service Center in Morrisville. Our auto service technicians are highly-skilled and can quickly diagnose and fix your problem. We have the latest technology and diagnostic systems at our fingertips. If you are experiencing issues with your differential, call us today to schedule your service appointment. We are conveniently located near Makefield Township, Yardley, Newton and Morrisville PA. You can find our Glenwood Foreign Car service center at 333Woolston Drive, Yardley, PA. Or call us on 215-515-8870.

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