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Tips to Detect a Failed ABS Accumulator in Your Jaguar

Jaguar ABS Warning Light

Jaguar is known for combining a rebellious lust for adventure with amazing, high-performance vehicles. Hitting the road in a Jaguar is nothing more than thrilling and fun, not to mention how the advanced handling and technology makes you feel like you are one with your car.

However, all these amazing features and benefits of driving a Jag do not come for free. To continue this exceptional driving experience, you need to make sure you stay on top of your maintenance and servicing record. This will prevent sudden part failure and ensure you get the very best out of your vehicle.

One such part that you should pay particular attention to is the ABS accumulator. Let’s take a look at this vital part and learn some tips and tricks to identify failure.

The ABS Accumulator

The ABS accumulator is an innovation which makes your brakes far smoother and safer. As you drive, the ABS accumulator collects or accumulates hydraulic pressure. This can be tapped into when needed during a potential emergency situation, such as an animal running in front of your car or another vehicle in front of you suddenly braking.

The accumulator collects the power from the electric pump, which is found within the braking system. It is commonly composed of nitrogen. The ABS accumulator is able to build pressure by using a diaphragm, which separates the nitrogen from the hydraulic fluid. The diaphragm depresses and creates pressure to be used by the accumulator.

The fact that the ABS accumulator works to make your brakes safer means that it is an important safety system of your Jaguar. It is responsible for giving your brakes an immediate increase in pressure without requiring the more delayed response of the electric pump. This is essential in times when emergency braking is required, such as to avoid an accident or when driving in adverse weather conditions.

Without a working ABS accumulator your Jaguar is forced to rely solely on the pressure created by the electrical pump, which is often less powerful and more sluggish, leaving you exposed to dangerous situations.

Why ABS Accumulator Failure Happens

There are two key reasons why ABS accumulators fail. Either the diaphragm fails or the nitrogen reduces in pressure. The diaphragm is essential to separate the hydraulic fluid and the nitrogen, which is essential to the function of the ABS. Therefore, if the diaphragm has become worn or isn’t working correctly, then you can expect a steep drop in the overall function of the ABS accumulator.

The diaphragm is made from rubber. Over time, it will naturally start to break down and degrade. The seal between the nitrogen gas and the hydraulic fluid may no longer be effective, since the two can mix. This will prevent the ABS accumulator from storing much pressure, if any pressure at all.

Low pressure within the nitrogen can also result in ABS failure. It is the compression of the nitrogen which creates pressure within the hydraulic fluid. So, when nitrogen pressure is low, the resulting hydraulic pressure will also be low. This will mean your ABS accumulator performs with minimal effectiveness, and the safety of your brakes is reduced.

How to Tell if your Jaguar Experiences ABS Failure

A failing ABS accumulator tends to be quite easy to Jaguar ABS Unit Module Control Box Check notice due to the negative side effects your Jaguar will start to experience. When your Jaguar has a working ABS accumulator, you’ll notice that when pressure is applied to the brakes, there will be a firm resistance that follows as the accumulator releases its pressure. In the case of a Jaguar, with ABS failure, however, once the pedal is pressed, the pressure will be released quickly and with little-to-no resistance. This can be a scary thing to experience, as your Jaguar will feel out of control and may start to skid.

Glenwood Foreign Car

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