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Reasons Behind Variable Valve Timing Issues in Minis from Expert Mechanics in Yardley

  • August 10, 2020
  • MINI Repair
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MINI Check Engine Light

People love MINI vehicles for many reasons, but one of the favorite perks is fuel efficiency. Technological advances in variable valve timing have helped improve fuel economy, saving drivers at the pump and making an impact on environmental emissions.

Damage to the machinery involved in the variable valve timing system can cause your MINI to lose these benefits and can set your engine up for damage, potentially requiring expensive repairs. Regular maintenance of your MINI can prevent issues with the variable valve timing system from occurring. Let’s look at some signs and symptoms of variable valve timing issues to help you catch a problem before it worsens.

What is variable valve timing?

Variable valve timing has been regarded as a major innovation in automotive efficiency. It was developed to optimize engine fuel delivery across a range of operations.

Input valves allow fuel to enter the engine cylinders. Exhaust valves allow combustion products to escape. When the engine is experiencing heavy use, it may need fuel to be delivered more quickly than under conditions of light use.

Prior to the development of variable valve timing, adjusting the timing of input and exhaust valves was not possible. This meant that fuel economy was inconsistent, as engine usage varied while driving. Variable valve timing technology allows for the automatic adjustment of input and exhaust valves dynamics as engine operations change, optimizing fuel efficiency.

How to Spot Faulty Variable Valve Timing

The machinery involved in variable valve timing is subject to wear and can become damaged.  A device called the valve timing switch provides feedback to your vehicle’s computer when adjustments to valve timing are needed.

Your vehicle’s computer will send electrical signals to another device called the valve timing solenoid. This will execute the adjustment. However, a faulty switch or solenoid, or even the circuitry that carries power to it could become compromised.

Keepan eye out for the following signs to tip you off to a problem before it compromises your engine:

Check Engine Light

An illuminated check engine light can point to a number of problems, variable valve timing being one of them.  Because variable valve timing is responsible for fine-tuning fuel delivery to your engine, flooding or depriving your engine with fuel could potentially cause harm.

Dirty, Expired Engine Oil

Old and dirty engine oil could cause the variable valve timing system to become damaged over time. Debris floating in expired, over-used engine oil can prevent the valve timing solenoid from operating smoothly. It is important to keep your oil changes up to date.

Rough Engine Idle at Low RPMs

If your engine is not acting normally while idling, there may be a problem with the variable valve timing system. When the engine is running while parked or sitting at a stop light, the RPM dial should hold steady at a low RPM.  You should consider taking your vehicle in for evaluation if the RPM is fluctuating when it should be static.

Lack of Power at High RPMs

The variable valve timing system will make sure that the engine is getting fuel more quickly when it needs it. If your vehicle has trouble going up hills or accelerating quickly, then you might suspect a problem with this system.

Glenwood Foreign Car will Repair Variable Valve Timing Issues

Allowing a problem with your MINI’s variable valve timing system to go unresolved could cost you more in the long run. Decreased fuel economy means MINI Engine Oil Quality Check you’ll have to visit the gas pump more often. Inefficient fuel combustion could lead to increased deposits on valves and piston crowns, accelerating wear on these parts. Major damage to the engine could result if the solenoid breaks and falls into the cylinder head. The variable valve timing system is complex, so diagnosis and repair require experience.

If you are worried about your MINI, the certified mechanics at Glenwood Foreign Car are ready to help. Our knowledgeable professionals regularly maintain and repair MINI, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Smart and Volvo.

As a Bosch-certified service center, we make it a priority to use industry standards and quality parts to return your MINI to peak condition. We have proudly served the areas of Makefield Township, Yardly, and Newton, PA for over 40 years. We looked forward to earning your trust to maintain and repair your MINI.

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