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Signs of Transfer Case Failure in Your Volvo

Volvo Gear Shift Issue

The transfer case in your Volvo is the power behind your all-wheel or four-wheeled drive system. Known for reliability, the drive train system of a Volvo, which includes your transfer case and driveshafts, take power from your engine and transmission and divide it amongst all four wheels.

As a highly-engineered unit, if it is not maintained adequately, your transfer case could experience issues during its lifetime. To determine if your transfer case is healthy in your Volvo, let’s take a look at some of the symptoms and problems associated with a transfer case.

Typical Symptoms of a Failing Transfer Case

Grinding and rattling noises coming from under your car may be a definite sign your Volvo has a problem in the transfer case. The internal components of your transfer case include gears that Interact with one another to transfer power to your wheels. Each gear has teeth that can break off and become loose inside the case. When the teeth are gone, not only will the gears not be able to interact with one another, but the broken pieces will cause grinding or rattling noises, which may be heard inside the car while driving.

If you have an issue with a transfer case in your Volvo, a symptom that may show is the transmission not being able to shift gears. This can lead some to think they are having transmission failure, while the transfer case is the culprit.

If your car is experiencing transfer case issues, you may lose the ability of all or four-wheel drive. Once you lose this capability that your Volvo was designed for, you will begin to experience traction issues that were not present before the malfunction. The benefit of all-wheel drive vehicles is how well they perform in inclement weather. This ability can be lost if your transfer case fails.

Leaking fluid from your transfer case is a sign that something is wrong and can cause harm to your Volvo’s transmission and transfer case. Using seals and gaskets, fluid is held within the system to lubricate moving parts. Over time these gaskets and seals can become brittle with age, allowing fluid to pass through them and out of your system. This can also occur if your transfer case and transmission has overheated to the point that the seals and gasket were destroyed.

Once you lose the fluid that protects the system, further and more expensive damage can occur. A professional mechanic will be able to find the cause of oil leaks and make repairs before detrimental damage can occur.

Common Causes of Transfer Case Failures in Volvo

  • Seal and gasket failures, as discussed above, may cause serious issues with your transfer case or indicate you already have damage.
  • Under normal operating conditions with proper maintenance and care, your transfer case should last many years. One of the most common causes of early failure of components within your transfer case is not maintaining your Volvo’s recommended servicing from the manufacturer.

Sticking to the schedule and having professionals complete the necessary inspections can save you money in the long run over expensive repairs. Professional Volvo technicians are trained on how to protect your car and its working parts from an excess of wear to prevent failure.

  • Another cause of transfer case failure is when a driver spins out on the pavement or one set of wheels on the pavement and others off the road in the dirt. Spinning tires in this way can create a tremendous amount of torque that can twist driveshafts and damage the components of your Volvos drive train, including the transfer case.

Inspection and Repair of Your Volvo’s Transfer Case

When it comes to your Volvo’s drivetrain, Volvo Transfer Case Repair Glenwood Foreign Car has the experience to take on any inspection and repairs your car needs to stay in top running condition. Serving Upper Makefield Township, Yardley, Newtown, and Morrisville, PA, our experience of Volvo’s and other top-of-the-line European cars has been building since 1977.

Our ability to quickly diagnose and pinpoint solutions for your car’s needs will save you money by finding issues before they become larger costly problems. Contact Glenwood Foreign Car today to have your Volvo serviced or repaired.

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