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The Best Methods to Resolve a Failed Suspension Bushing in Your Volvo

Volvo Suspension Bushing

To ensure that you get a smooth ride, Volvo and other car brands use things known as bushings, which are placed in many different spots along a car’s suspension system. These are small rubber or polyurethane components, whose purpose is to absorb vibration and prevent metal-on-metal contact as you’re driving down the road.

Usually, they’re very durable, but as with anything else, age and prolonged use will eventually cause them to wear out and need replacement. In this article, we will discuss some of the common signs you can watch out for that may indicate your Volvo’s suspension bushings are failing. We will also give you some tips on how to fix this problem and increase the longevity of your bushings.

Symptoms of Bushing Failure

Because bushings provide padding for nearly every part of a suspension system, there are many different ways that their failure will present itself. Sometimes it can be hard to tell if the component itself is failing or if the bushing is because the symptoms will be largely the same. However, there are some signs. If you see any of these listed below, you should contact your trusted Volvo mechanic as soon as possible to bring your vehicle in for a professional inspection and diagnosis.

  • difficult steering
  • steering that’s much looser than usual
  • rattling or squeaking sounds while driving, especially while driving over rougher terrain
  • continuous vibrating while you’re driving down the road
  • uneven tire wear
  • clunking noises while braking or turning

Methods to Fix Bushing Failure

Particularly in older vehicles, bushings will fail because they dry out. In those cases, simply taking the vehicle to a mechanic to be lubricated may clear up any suspension problems you’re having. This problem can also occur in newer Volvos, though it is a little less common. Most newer cars are outfitted with bushings that are supposed to remain permanently lubricated, but even these bushings will typically need to be rejuvenated at least once or twice during their lifetime.

However, sometimes the bushing will need to be replaced. Depending on where the failing part is located and how easy it is for a mechanic to access the bushing, it may be possible for them to replace just the bushing. In many cases, though, a mechanic will likely suggest that the entire part be replaced.

This is partially because in some cars, control-arm bushings can’t be replaced separately from the rest of the part, so a mechanic will need to replace the entire part. Another reason is that typically, if a bushing has failed, the part it’s connected to has probably been damaged in some way and is not likely to last much longer. That’s why it may be better to just replace it all in one go rather than replacing the bushing only for the customer to have to come back a short time later to get the other part replaced, too.

After inspecting your vehicle, your mechanic will be able to determine which method is the best choice for the situation.

Preventing Bushing Wear

Bushings are incredibly durable. They have to be, since they are under near-constant pressure. The rate at which they deteriorate is largely dependent on the way you choose to treat your vehicle. Some ways that you can help promote bushing longevity are:

  • Get regular repairs and maintenance to avoid oil and other fluid leaks, which can cause bushings to corrode.
  • Avoid driving over rough terrain or unpaved roads.
  • Avoid excessive exposure to heat or cold.

Get Your Volvo Suspension Problems Repaired at Glenwood Foreign Car

The experienced auto mechanics at Glenwood Foreign Car are Volvo Suspension Bushing Inspection happy to help you out with your Volvo’s bushing issues or any other troubles you may be having. Since 1977, we’ve been providing quality service to our customers in Upper Makefield Township, Yardley, Newtown, and Morrisville, Pennsylvania. We specialize in many foreign car brands, including Volvo, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Smart.

If you’d like to learn more about our services or bring your vehicle in for repair, maintenance, or inspection, please give us a call today or stop by to visit us and speak to our technicians. We are happy to meet you and earn your business.

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