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The Consequences of Driving Your Land Rover with a Leaky Head Gasket

Land Rover Head Gasket

Land Rovers are an investment, and as the driver of a Land Rover, you’ll want to ensure the best care of your vehicle to keep it running efficiently for years to come. While it may seem easy to ignore problems with your vehicle that may seem minor, such as a head gasket leak, it is unwise to do so.

Let’s look at the purpose of your Land Rover’s head gasket, the causes of head gasket leaks, symptoms of head gasket leaks, and what happens when you drive your vehicle with a leaky head gasket.

The Purpose of Your Land Rover’s Head Gasket

Your Land Rover’s head gasket serves to seal off the combustion chamber, allowing the coolant and oil to travel through the engine while also preventing harmful gasses from exiting. It is located between the engine block and cylinder head. Below are the most common causes of head gasket leaks.

Causes of Leaks

Below are the most common causes of head gasket leaks.

  • Abnormal Engine Temperature: An engine that runs abnormally hot can expedite the wear and tear to the head gasket and eventually cause failure and leaks.
  • Thermostat Failure: Without a working thermostat, you won’t know the temperature of your engine. If the temperature is abnormally hot and you continue to drive unaware of the dangerously hot temperature, it could lead to a head gasket failure and leak.
  • Bad Oil: Oil that is old, contaminated, cheap, or the incorrect type for your vehicle can lead to head gasket failure and leaks. Always ensure to use the best oil for your Land Rover to ensure its engine runs optimally.
  • Low Oil Levels: Check oil levels regularly to ensure you have enough in your engine to prevent head gasket failure and leakage.
  • Bad Antifreeze: Aside from bad oil, bad antifreeze can also be the culprit behind a faulty head gasket and leaks. Antifreeze that is watered down, old, or incorrect for your vehicle can cause trouble with your head gasket.

Symptoms of Head Gasket Leaks

You may think that by ignoring a faulty head gasket, you are sparing yourself from the expense of having your gasket replaced, but ignoring the problem comes at a heavy price. When it comes down to it, it’s much less expensive in the long run to get the head gasket fixed before the problem exacerbates.

The longer you drive with a leaking head gasket, the more damage your Land Rover will experience to its engine-and that’s not an auto repair bill you want to receive. Below are the most common symptoms of a leak in the head gasket:

  • Water dripping from the tailpipe: Water dripping from the tailpipe is a surefire indication of leakage, and you should have your Land Rover seen by a mechanic as soon as possible.
  • Oil leaks: If you pull out of your driveway to find a puddle of oil from beneath your car, you may have a head gasket leak.
  • Engine overheating: If your engine is overheating, you may very well be experiencing head gasket failure, leaving you prone to leaks.
  • White, gray, or blue smoke emitting from the tailpipe: If you encounter unusual smoke coming from the tailpipe, have your vehicle seen immediately.
  • Rough idling: One of the hallmark signs of engine troubles, you may experience rough idling with a faulty head gasket, meaning it’s time to have your vehicle seen and the problem diagnosed.
  • Coolant on the spark plugs: A leaky head gasket can blow, leaking fuel, motor oil, and coolant. If you discover coolant on the spark plugs, this is a sign to head your to your trusted mechanic right away.
  • Low coolant levels: Low levels of coolant are a possible indication your head gasket may be leaking.
  • Oil in the antifreeze: If you discover oil in the antifreeze, this is usually considered a catastrophic problem. It is the most easily diagnosed symptom of a leaking head gasket.

Eventually, driving with a leaky head gasket will lead to complete engine failure. If you suspect a leaky gasket, you should stop driving your Land Rover immediately and have it towed to your trusted mechanic as soon as possible.

What’s more, if the coolant leaks into the cylinders, you could experience damage to the catalytic converter, engine overheating, premature rusting, improper lubrication, and even an engine fire, not to mention the total engine failure.

Glenwood Foreign Car Can Help

If you suspect a leaky head gasket, Land Rover Head Gasket Repair Glenwood Foreign Car will help. Our mechanics have the expertise to properly diagnose and replace your faulty head gasket. We have been serving clients of Upper Makefield Township, Yardley, Newtown, and Morrisville, PA since 1977. Give us a call today for your Land Rover’s needs.

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