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Things to Consider Before Hiring a Volvo Specialist for CPS Replacement in Morrisville

  • August 10, 2021
  • Volvo Repair
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Volvo Crankshaft Position Sensor

The Crankshaft Position Sensor, or CPS, in your Volvo plays an important role to ensure the ignition fires correctly against the position of the crankshaft. This is one of the features in a Volvo that is meant to ensure the car’s engine offers optimum performance. This will ultimately affect your driving experience in a car that is one of the most comfortable rides to experience.

To correct a CPS malfunction in your car, you’ll need the help of a Volvo specialist. But there are some things you’ll need to consider before taking your Volvo in for CPS replacement. Let’s break down the CPS and why you need to be careful about who helps you to replace it.

The CPS in your Volvo is located in the cylinder head in the engine right opposite the timing rotor. This timing rotor is attached to the engine’s camshaft. The car uses its internal computer system to determine the camshaft angle before triggering the ignition to fire in relation to that angle. The CPS is the component that provides the vehicle’s computer with the signal to compute the angles of the camshaft. So when the CPS malfunctions, you Volvo is likely to develop some problems.

Causes of CPS Malfunction

There are several reasons why your Volvo’s CPS may become damaged and need replacement. Top on this list of reasons is the usual wear and tear that most mechanical parts are exposed to. After driving your car for a long time, it is inevitable that some parts will need replacement and the CPS is no exception. That said, there are some factors that can shorten the CPS lifespan. For instance moisture from humidity in the engine compartment can affect the CPS. This will increase chances of the CPS malfunctioning. Buildup of oil and grease in the engine can also cause the CPS to fail.

Signs of CPS Failure

When the CPS in your Volvo is due for replacement, there are a few signs that you’ll notice. The first of these signals is that the car will have trouble starting. The CPS helps to align the engine and ignition timing to facilitate the burning of fuel to power your car. When the CPS has an issue this timing is off and so the engine can fail to start because the ignition will be happening at the wrong time. This can be frustrating especially in a car that’s touted as reliable as in Volvo’s case.

CPS failure also causes significant performance issues, from the engine losing power gradually or even suddenly to misfiring and difficulty shifting gears, and worse still, your car may stall. The check engine light will also come on your dashboard when the CPS has problems. This is the point where you’ll need a reliable Volvo specialist.

Things to Look for in a Volvo Specialist

As is the case with most European vehicle models, the Volvo also needs specialized care. This is why you can’t simply go to any auto-mechanic in Morrisville to get your CPS replacement.

You should look out for certain things before going to a specific auto-mechanic. Some of these bullet points include reliability, availability, good workmanship, and professional service. The factors that you’ll need to prioritize include manufacturer certification, professional certification and Volvo experience. A manufacturer-certified technician will not only repair your Volvo to the manufacturer’s standards but they will also be likely to have original parts known as OEM. The last thing you want is to have generic replacement parts that will break down much faster than the manufacturer recommended parts, costing you more in the long run.

With professional certification, you can also trust that your Volvo specialist knows what they are doing. Before going for a CPS replacement, your car will need proper diagnosis using advanced technology that only a certified technician may know to use correctly. It also helps when your technician is well-versed with all matters Volvo. This will help them get the job right the first time and save you from the hassle of going back to the garage for the same thing over and over.

Glenwood Foreign Car for CPS Replacement in Morrisville

Glenwood Foreign Car is the leading service, maintenance, and repair auto-shop for Volvo Crankshaft Position Sensor Inspection all foreign vehicle brand owners in Upper Makefield Township, Yardley, Newtown and Morrisville, PA. We are a Bosch certified service provider whom you can trust for both quality services and replacement parts on your European model car. Call us today if you need CPS replacement on your Volvo in the area. We are happy to help!

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