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How to Deal with Loose Front End Steering in Your Mercedes

Mercedes Benz E200 Car

Mercedes models are very popular for being high-quality, reliable vehicles. There are many accounts of owners reaching hundreds of thousands of miles, all while driving in luxury. This does not happen by accident. If you take care of your car, it will take care of you. One issue that does come up is the steering destabilizing or becoming loose. Many cars have some degree of this problem, but it is important to spot and take care of them early.

How does the steering system work in your vehicle?

Although not as complex as some other car systems, the steering is a common place to see wear and tear over time due to its consistent use. To run properly, the column, rack, and connectors all need to be in perfect condition and not rubbing or pushing out of sync.

The steering system is how turning your steering wheel translates to adjustments in the angle of the car’s front wheels. The entire steering column rotates what is called the pinion (a small gear at the end), forcing the rack to turn in either direction, according to how the steering wheel was rotated. This is complex because there is also a necessary tilt to the wheels, changing the angle at which they contact the ground, especially important when navigating sharp turns and for maintaining tire health over time.

Cars have many moving parts, and it is not uncommon for some to break down faster than others. This is especially true of such an intricate part or system. It is important to recognize signs of wear and bring your vehicle to a professional before further damage occurs costing you more time and money.

What causes loose front end steering?

There are many parts to the steering system, connected from surrounding parts. Any number of these wearing out can result in a feeling of loose steering in the front end of the vehicle, here are a few common problems that could be leading to less than desirable driving:

  • Front suspension and its related parts: Because the tires do not just turn left and right but have to adjust at an angle to the road, the suspension is crucial to proper operation. If the suspension is not keeping the front end even or is not supporting the wheels correctly, it can quickly lead to a loose feeling in the steering itself.
  • Linkage from the steering box or rack to the wheels: Obviously, the steering wheel is very far away from both the rack and the wheels themselves. As the linkage between these two parts is constantly being used, it is expected to need to be replaced. This is an important sign to pay attention to because loosening in the linkage is the first sign of damage, but needs to be replaced before steering capabilities are lost entirely.
  • Damage to the rack and pinion: The connection between the rack and pinion, like any gear, is a series of teeth that connect to make a secure movement between the parts. Also like every other gear in the car, these teeth wear down over time after constant use, which at first will just feel loose, but will progress to slipping

Glenwood Foreign Car is here for you and your Mercedes

Ideally, during routine maintenance and inspection, issues will be found far before it is a problem. With a drop in performance being just Mercedes Front Suspension Check the first sign of a potential problem, the good news is that this regular maintenance can easily stem the issue by spotting these small problems before they become big ones. Bringing your Mercedes to a certified mechanic will ensure your steering system is free of damage and functioning as it is intended.

Here at Glenwood Foreign Car, we have you covered to make sure your Mercedes keeps running smoothly for years to come. Our expert technicians are dealership-level trained but without the dealership prices. You can expect services from factory-recommended maintenance to troubleshooting any mechanical and technological issues. Our job is to make sure you drive away satisfied with our service and safe in your vehicle.

Stop by or call us today, as we proudly serve customers from the areas of Upper Makefield Township, Yardley, Newtown, or Morrisville, PA. Speak with a certified technician today to keep your car in top condition.

* Mercedes Benz E200 Car image credit goes to: joephotographer.

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