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Top 3 Causes of an IMS Bearing Failure in a Porsche in Yardley

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It is important to be aware of the signs and symptoms of an IMS-bearing failure in your Porsche. Unfortunately, the most visible symptoms of this means that the problem is far more serious and on the verge of causing significant damage.

There are three major warning signals that a bearing is failing:

  1. Metallic debris in the oil filter when performing an oil change
  2. An oil leak at the rear of the engine
  3. A knocking and metallic sound coming from the back of your Porsche

If you experience any of these symptoms, you must call a professional as quickly as possible to fix your car.

Common Causes of IMS Bearing Failure

There are various circumstances that might cause your Porsche’s IMS bearing to fail, and such failure is frequently the result of a combination of problems. Each IMS bearing has a finite lifespan, and depending on maintenance, driving conditions, and the amount of your driving, your IMS bearing may wear out sooner or later.

Metal Flakes

Most bearing components are heat-treated to harden the metals, but heat treatment can only go so far into the metal. The softer metal beneath the bearing wears out fast and catastrophically when the bearing wears through this layer. Spalling is the term for this form of exhaustion breakdown. The metal flakes as a result of the damage.

Lack of Lubrication/Wear and Tear

The majority of IMS bearing failures in Porsche are caused by a combination of factors that eventually lead to the bearing’s breakdown. Although normal wear and tear is a factor, it is not the most typical cause.

When a high load is combined with a lack of lubrication, overheating occurs, which is one of the most common causes of bearing failure in the IMS. The bearing’s overheated metal creates friction and cavitation, leaving pits in its path. These pits exponentially accelerate the wear and tear cycle, resulting in premature IMS bearing failure.


Installing IMS bearings in Porsches is a relatively straightforward procedure. However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind when dealing with serviceable or sealed hub units. If your bearings are in good shape, invest in a good set of seal drivers. After installation, even a little distortion in a seal might shorten the bearing’s life expectancy. Make certain the grease is of good quality as well.

In the worst-case scenario, a failing IMS bearing may cause your cam timing to be off, resulting in valve-to-piston contact. You will have to buy a new core if this happens. Otherwise, you will have to pay Porsche an ever-increasing core charge in addition to the cost of the replacement engine.

To extend the life of your IMS bearings, there is just one thing you can do. The grease seals from the stock IMS bearings can be removed from a model 2006-2008 engine to increase lubrication and cooling. The only alternative option is to disassemble the engine and replace the IMS bearings with improved ones. If you have an older model (1997-2005), you can get to the IMS bearing without dismantling the engine.

It is crucial to remember that any IMS improvement you perform on your engine should be considered preventive maintenance. Replacing the IMS after your engine fails is no longer an option. The engine must be rebuilt or replaced entirely. Otherwise, the new IMS bearing will become contaminated, resulting in additional engine damage.

Glenwood Foreign Car to Your Rescue

Your greatest options for avoiding the cost of engine failure are prevention, early diagnosis, and the replacement of your IMS bearing before Porsche IMS Bearing Failure Fix it fails. Before it is too late, a repair specialist working in Glenwood Foreign Car can assist you to diagnose and replace your IMS bearing.

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* Porsche 911 Car image credit goes to: Streager.

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