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How to Know Which Fluid Flush Your Volvo Needs the Most

Volvo S90 Car

Your Volvo relies on several fluids to function effectively. As a result, fluids play a significant role in your car’s health. While some fluids help cool your Volvo’s engine and other vehicle components, other fluids provide lubrication for moving vehicle parts.

The fluids protect the moving parts from friction, which could damage your transmission or engine. Some essential fluids include brake fluid, steering fluid, engine coolant, and engine oil. These fluids must be changed regularly as they degrade over time, but how do you know the fluid flush your Volvo needs the most?

Types of Volvo Fluids and When to Flush Them

Here are some of the most important fluids you need for the optimal performance of your Volvo and when you need to change them.

Transmission Fluid Flush

Over time, grime and dirt may accumulate in your transmission fluid, causing clogs inside your Volvo’s transmission system. Clog formation prevents the circulation of the transmission fluid, thereby hindering the proper lubrication and cooling of the transmission.

While your manufacturer may not recommend transmission fluid flush until your Volvo covers between 70,000 to 100,000 miles, it is best to change the transmission fluid after 30,000 to 50,000 miles. However, if you drive on rough terrains or make a frequent stop and start, you should consider changing the transmission oil after 30,000 miles.

Different manufacturers have varying specifications of the transmission fluid that should be used. Ensure you make your finding and use only the manufacturer’s recommendation to maximize the longevity of your Volvo’s transmission and avoid causing irreparable damage.

Engine Oil Flush

Your engine oil protects your Volvo’s engine and should be regularly checked to know if it needs to be changed. The oil warning light will illuminate if the oil level is low. When the oil becomes dark or gets contaminated with dirt, this is another indication that your engine oil needs to be flushed. Clean engine oil has an amber color and may look a bit translucent. Running your engine on low or contaminated oil may affect the proper functionality of your Volvo’s engine.

Power Steering Fluid Flush

The Volvo’s power steering takes a lot of stress off the driver by assisting in steering the vehicle using a hydraulic device powered by the engine. However, the power steering is exposed to heat from the engine and cold temperatures during winter, which may cause the breakdown of your power steering fluid.

Driving your Volvo with a low or degraded power steering fluid can damage your steering gear seals, hoses, and pumps. It could cause your power steering to wear down and fail. It is recommended that you change your Volvo’s power steering fluid after covering 50,000 to 70,000 miles.

Brake Fluid Flush

Regularly changing your brake fluid is critical to guarantee that the break works whenever you engage it. Your Volvo’s brake fluid may gather dirt after an extended period of use, affecting the proper functioning of your brakes.

Aside from getting contaminated with specks of dirt, water can also get into your brake fluid due to condensation. The presence of water in your brake fluid may prevent your break from functioning effectively.

Your brake fluid is usually translucent or clear and may turn brown or black whenever it needs to be flushed. Depending on the vehicle’s age, it is advisable to flush your brake fluid after covering 24,000 to 36,000 miles or two to three years.

Fuel Injection Fluid Flush

Your Volvo’s fuel injection system is a critical part of your car and may cause poor gas mileage when faulty. Therefore, it is vital to clean your fuel injection system after covering 35,000 to 50,000 miles for more efficient fuel usage.

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