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The Importance of Knowing When to Service Your BMW Tires

BMW Tire

Your BMW is equipped with high-quality tires of impressive durability to be able to handle its high-performance standards. For a car as powerful as a BMW, it is still very important to have the tires serviced on a regular basis so as to avoid any unwanted incidents that could result from damage or worn tires.

Understanding the warning signs of your BMW’s tires will help you determine the perfect time to have your tires serviced. Servicing your BMW’s tires at the right time can help save your car from an even more endangering threat that could result from a completely damaged tire.

The Lifespan of BMW Tires

BMW cars use high-quality tires with a durable lifespan. Although the BMW tire has an impressive service life, its mileage is dependent on the nature of the roads it is being used on, as well as how frequently it has been used.

Under the right circumstances, your BMW tires can last an average of 40,000 miles or more. However, with the right maintenance routine, the tire life can be extended. Hence, it is very important to have your BMW tires serviced. Just like any other part of your BMW, your tires are slowly going to show you signs of an impending failure due to current distress. Ignoring these signs is detrimental to the lifespan of your tires.

Signs Showing Your BMW Tires Need Servicing

Driving your car on damaged or worn tires can be very dangerous and life-threatening as it can lead to tire failure. Hence, it is very important to visually inspect your tires regularly, if possible every week. No matter how busy you might be, it takes just a few minutes to have your car tires inspected. All it takes is for you to walk around your car and look for the danger sign of tire damage.

Outlined here are the major warning signs of an impending tire failure. If you discover any of these signs, make sure to take your BMW to a certified automotive specialist to have it serviced:

Low Depth of Tire Tread

The tread of your BMW tires is what allows for actual contact between the tire and the road, providing the grip that is required to brake and maneuver effectively. The depth measurement of a healthy tire tread on a vehicle is above 4/32nds of an inch.

Tires with a lower depth or swallow treads increase the workload of the car’s internal system, resulting in the premature wear and tear of brake or engine components. Another detriment of this is hydroplaning and the lack of traction control. To avoid all of these, it is vital to always conduct a routine check on your tires.

Strange Vibrations

Experiencing a small number of vibrations while driving your car can be normal, most especially when you are driving over a rough road path or an uneven terrain. However, it should become a thing of worry if you notice that the vibration is excessive.

The vibration of your car can be an indicator of the failure of your tire system. If while you are bringing your car to a halt, you notice a vibration, then it could be a tire-related issue. If you notice the vibration while driving, and you find your BMW pulling to one side of the road, then that is a sign that your wheels are out of alignment and unbalanced. None of these should be ignored as they can be easily handled by a certified BMW specialist.

Bulges, Blisters, or Cracks

If you reside in an area with frequent temperature variations, your tires may wear down and dry up faster than usual. It’s also crucial to inspect your tires on a regular basis for cracks or bulges in the sidewall since these can develop into dry rot, which can cause a tire blowout or other tire failure. If you observe any bulging, cracking, or formation of blisters along the tire’s sidewall, make an appointment to get it changed right away.

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