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Jaguar Specialists in Yardley to Address Front Wheel Bearing Failure

Jaguar Front Wheel Bearing

For your car to move, it needs its four wheels to function properly. The wheel bearing is at the center of your car’s wheels. This is a group of steel balls that are held together by a metal ring known as a race. The wheel bearings are tightly packed inside a piece of hollow metal known as a hub which holds the wheel bearings. The wheel bearings help to prevent friction.

The wheel bearings don’t require lubrication. This is why they are held tightly, so they are kept away from road dust and water. Though they are low maintenance, they can still run the risk of failure.

What can cause front wheel bearings to fail?

  • Faulty setup: Using inappropriate instruments, such as a wrench, might impair the wheel end bearing (both the interior and exterior.) This can cause the wheel bearing to fail prematurely. Reusing old fittings like seals, bolts, split pins, etc. rather than changing them for new ones can make the wheel end bearing function under abnormal and unsafe conditions.
  • Impact: Any impact such as hitting a pothole or the curbstone, speed bumps can ruin a wheel bearing and shorten its lifespan. Potholes can create a fracture in the wheel and housing, so be cautious of hazardous road conditions.
  • A wheel bearing is constantly under great pressure: Poor heat treatment can cause early wear and also a failure in wheel bearings made of low-quality materials.
  • Driving Conditions: Your wheel bearings can fail if you drive through dirt or deep water. Mud, water, or other contaminants like dust could get through the seals and into the bearing, contaminating the oil and causing the bearings to wear out.
  • Inappropriate modifications: Fitting larger rims, firmer shock absorbers, and suspension springs to a vehicle increase the pressure on the wheel bearing, which can hasten to wear. To reduce the impact on the wheel bearing, stick to rims, shock absorbers, tires, and springs manufactured by Jaguar.

Signs of Wheel Bearing Failure

  • Listen for Unusual Noises: While driving, if you hear a grinding sound emanating from your car wheels, it is most likely because of a faulty wheel bearing. This sound could especially get louder with acceleration. Also, when your tires collide with road debris or strike a pothole while driving, the sound may differ from what you’re used to hearing. The front wheel bearing noise is much easier to detect while steering your vehicle from side to side slowly.
  • Loose steering wheel: If you are driving your Jaguar and find your steering wheel less precise or less responsive than usual, it can be an indicator of wheel bearing failure. The wheel bearing can get worn down, causing them to loosen up in your wheel assembly.
  • Uneven wear: Extremely uneven wear on your tire may also be a culprit of a failing wheel bearing.

How to Distinguish Wheel Bearing Sounds from Other Noises

You know how your Jaguar sounds, from the purring of engine noise, to the low idle. If you notice something new, trust your instincts and have it checked out:

  • Humming: Humming sounds are typical of tire issues, although they can be caused by several other issues.
  • Growling and Squealing: If you hear a sound while driving your Jaguar that changes in proportion to your vehicle speed, it may be related to a wheel bearing issue. The sound can also change with every turn.
  • Howling: Overly worn bearings, on the other hand, generate a howling noise when they don’t support the gears When they turn, they also generate a rumbling sound.

Expert Repair of Your Jaguar at Glenwood Foreign Car

Overall, it’s not safe to drive with a bad wheel bearing; it’s Jaguar Front Wheel Bearing Repair actually very dangerous. It could cause the wheel to stop as you are driving. A bad wheel bearing could also cause your tires to wear out quicker, and the wheel can even fall off in the worst case scenario. The bearing is important to keep your wheel attached to the vehicle.

At Glenwood Foreign Car, we are experienced with the maintenance of all Jaguar models. Our certified mechanics are qualified to diagnose and find quick solutions for your Jaguar. Our shop is conveniently located on the corner of Trenton Avenue in Upper Makefield Township, and we proudly serve customers in the area from Morrisville, PA, too. Call us today to schedule an appointment or speak with a mechanic concerning issues you are experiencing!

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