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Is It Safe To Drive A Volvo With Bad Shocks?

Volvo Shocks

Volvos have long been known for their reliability and smooth ride. That reputation has only been bolstered in recent years by the introduction of new models with cutting-edge technology and sleek design. But what really sets Volvos apart is their commitment to safety. Every Volvo is equipped with a host of safety features, from reinforced steel frames to airbags and anti-lock brakes. In fact, Volvo has been at the forefront of safety innovation for decades, and their cars are some of the safest on the road today.

Of course, once the vehicle is in the hands of the customer, maintaining that safety becomes their responsibility. It is important to know about the safety of different aspects of your vehicle, including things you might not immediately associate with safety, like your vehicle’s shocks.

What are shocks?

Shocks are an important part of a car’s suspension system. They help to absorb the impact of bumps and potholes, providing a smoother ride for both driver and passengers. There are two types of shocks: struts, which combine the shock absorber and coil spring into one unit, and separate shocks, which are mounted separately from the coil spring. Shocks are usually located at the corners of the car, and they work in conjunction with the springs to provide a comfortable ride.

Over time, shocks can wear out and become less effective. When this happens, the ride will become rougher and the car may even bounce. Shocks typically last between 50,000 & 100,000 miles, but they can wear out sooner if the vehicle is driven on rough roads or frequently used to tow heavy loads.  If you suspect that your car’s shocks are worn out, it’s important to have them checked by a trained mechanic. Otherwise, you may continue to experience a jarring ride and eventual damage to your suspension system.

Dangers of Bad Shocks

When driving, it’s important to have a smooth ride. That’s why shocks are so important – they help to absorb bumps and potholes, providing a comfortable ride for passengers. However, if shocks are worn out, they can’t do their job properly. This can lead to a jarring ride, and can also cause other problems.

It can be dangerous to drive on bad shocks. When they are worn out, the car rides rough and the tires can lose contact with the road, which can lead to a loss of control. In addition, bad shocks can cause the car to bottom out, which can damage the suspension and make the ride even rougher. They can also cause premature wear on other parts of the vehicle, such as the tires and suspension. As a result, it’s important to keep an eye on your shocks, and replace them if they start to show signs of wear. By doing so, you can help ensure a safe and comfortable ride for yourself and your passengers.

Maintaining Your Shocks

Maintenance is important for shocks for a number of reasons. First, it helps to ensure that the shock is properly lubricated, which reduces friction and wear. Second, it helps to remove any dirt or debris that may have accumulated on the shock, which can interfere with its performance and cause premature failure. Finally, regular maintenance can help to identify any potential problems with the shock before they cause serious damage — sometimes even before you’ve felt the effects of their failure when driving. By taking care of your shocks, you can help to extend their life and ensure that they continue to perform at their best.

Glenwood Foreign Car is Here to Help

If you suspect your shocks are going bad, it is Volvo Suspension System Checkimportant to have them inspected as soon as possible in order to prevent any further damage to other components, like your suspension or tires. By addressing the problem early, you can save yourself money and the frustration of a more extensive repair.

If you live in or around Upper Makefield Township, Yardley, Newtown, or Morrisville, PA, Glenwood Foreign Car is your go-to for European vehicle repairs. We have been serving our community since 1977 with quality, reliable maintenance and repairs and unparalleled customer service. Call or stop by today to learn more about how we can help you.

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