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How To Handle a Low Coolant Warning Light in Your Audi In Yardley

  • October 1, 2022
  • Audi Repair
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Audi Low Coolant Warning

Audis are very efficient German-made cars with more than a century of service to people all over the world. As powerful and efficient as they may be, Audi’s engines are prone to overheating and therefore require coolants which can also experience problems.

Coolant in your Audi’s, also referred to as antifreeze, is used to keep your radiator from overheating and freezing in extremely hot and cold situations, respectively. Engine coolants are very essential in your vehicle, and it is important to know the particular type of coolant that suits your vehicle.

There are various types of coolants that work for different Audi engines, and you should know the best fit for you. They are:

  • IAT(Inorganic Additive Technology) Coolant: This type of coolant is currently out of fashion and was made by mixing phosphates with some amount of silicates and added to glycol.
  • OAT(Organic Acid Technology Coolant: They lack phosphate and silicates but provide great corrosion resistance.
  • HOAT(Hybrid Organic Acid Technology): These coolants combine the IAT and OAT functions to produce a higher resistance to corrosion for aluminum parts of cars.

How to Tell When Your Coolant Level is Low

  • Warning lights: When the coolant is low, the warning light will light up to let you know. There are sensors floating in your coolant tank that aids the warning light to come on when the level is low. This may be the first sign you will notice, so make sure your sensors are in good condition by doing a routine car servicing.
  • Temperature gauge: The temperature gauge on your dashboard is expected to stay between the ‘H‘ and the ‘C‘. When it indicates high temperatures, it is possible that the coolant level is low. You may want to replace the coolant, but this is a job for experienced professionals, as they will also want to make sure there are no leaks where you may be losing coolant.
  • Heater problems: The coolant goes through the core of your Audi heater via some valves. A leakage in the coolant will therefore result in an unresponsive heater. Take your car to or call a professional mechanic to seal the leak and top off your coolant.
  • Leaking coolant: When you notice green, pink, or orange fluids dropping from your vehicle, it could be that there is an external coolant leak. If it is close to your home, make sure to clean off the leaked fluid as it is toxic in nature. Then place a call to your auto repair mechanic to give it a quick fix.
  • Sweet smell: As odd as it might seem, a leaking coolant may be determined by a rather mild but sweet smell coming from the car. Check under the hood to see if the smell increases, and place a call to your mechanic.

Problems Caused by Low Coolant Levels

  • Engine problem: A rather ominous result of driving with a low coolant warning is that your engine could overheat and size up, which can lead to a damaged engine and cost you lots of money.
  • Dead car: As a safety feature, your Audi may shut off the engine as a result of overheating from a leaking coolant. This may happen in an unexpected situation and lead to accidents. So make sure you pay attention to the signs of a low coolant level.
  • Blown gasket: A blown head gasket is a really scary situation for a driver. It can lead to loss of power or knocking sounds from the engine and can be caused by low coolant in your car.

Get Your Audi Coolant Fixed With Glenwood Foreign Car

Glenwood Foreign Car is a well-known auto Audi Coolant Level Check service center for foreign cars serving Newtown and Yardley, PA.  We have been offering professional services to our customers from this region for almost 50 years. We offer quality and professional car maintenance services on cars, trucks, SUVs, mid-size cars, and crossovers are our specialty. Our auto mechanics service and repair all make and models of foreign cars such as Porsche, Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Volvo.

For all your car repairs and maintenance, you can visit our shop or book an appointment with us by calling us at 215-736-8888.

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