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Why You Can’t Ignore Signs of a Mini’s Transmission Failure in Yardley

  • October 17, 2022
  • MINI Repair
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MINI Gear Shifting Issue

The Mini Cooper is one of the most iconic models on the road today. These compact vehicles are recognized across the world for having an ideal mix of design, efficiency, and high performance. Mini owners can be confident in their vehicle, knowing that it will transport them anywhere they want to go. However, because Minis are outstanding vehicles doesn’t mean they are immune to the mechanical problems that other vehicles experience on the road. The transmission of MINI also works the same way as others. However, the difference is in the specific manufacturer’s craftsmanship.

Transmission problems are most common in Mini vehicles in the following condition:

  • When the car is more than a decade old
  • When pushed to the high limits of mileage
  • When the Mini is used on rough roads or terrain

Although the Mini manufacturers claim “lifetime” transmission fluid, reputable professionals recommend having a transmission fluid flush with milestone service. So don’t wait until your transmission fails. Have our reputable mechanics check it today if you suspect problems.

Mini Transmission System

The transmission system in your Mini is a complex system that is composed of hundreds of moving parts that come in contact with each other and generate heat as a result of friction, resulting in wear and tear. The following are the key components of a transmission:

  • Hydraulics: The hydraulics are fluid-carrying linked tubes that run to transmission components that require pressure to be exerted, such as bands and clutches.
  • Planetary gear sets: The transmission’s gears are placed in a series of interconnected rings. Unlike a manual vehicle, an automatic transmission’s planetary gear sets do not move.
  • Control system: This is the computer that directs electrical currents through the shifting process.
  • Torque converter: Torque converter is the device that allows your MINI to stop while in gear.

Transmission Failure Symptoms

  • Gear Shifting Is Difficult: If your Mini gear does not engage correctly, or if it jars or shudders excessively when shifting gears, this means that there may be a problem with the hydraulics system.
  • Engine Overheating: A faulty transmission exerts additional strain on practically every other component of the engine. If the problem is not identified and addressed soon, it can quickly progress to the engine overheating.
  • Fluid Leaks: Leaking fluid in your transmission is not a good indication, especially when the fluid has a brown or dark red color as opposed to the bright red of a new transmission fluid. If you discover a pool of red fluid under your Mini after parking for a while, this could indicate a transmission leak. This should be looked out right away for your safety.
  • Smell of Burning: If you sense a burning odor, it might be an indication that the transmission fluid is low. This can cause overheating through friction.
  • Noises: If you hear strange noises when your car is in neutral, such as tapping, clunking, banging, or whining, it is possible that you have transmission troubles and your Mini is short on fluid.
  • Slippage of Gears: If your vehicle slips out of gear or into neutral as you get up to speed, get quick assistance from our reputable Mini specialists as soon as possible to avoid an accident.

Causes of Transmission Failure

When driven aggressively or in city traffic, your Mini becomes more prone to damage. This kind of activity can wreak havoc on the transmission system over time. If the transmission fluid gets low or is totally depleted, your vehicle will not be able to change gears. If the transmission fluids thicken as a result of heat or debris, or if it is not frequently flushed, it will experience more stress on its parts and eventually fail.

Glenwood Foreign Car Will Fix Mini Transmission Issues

If you believe that your Mini is having transmission MINI Transmission Fluid Flush trouble, you should immediately bring it to our experts to get to the root cause for repair. Running out of transmission fluid can cause severe engine damage and costly service. Glenwood Foreign Car, on the other hand, is here to assist you before that happens!

Glenwood Foreign Car provides all of your automobile requirements in Upper Makefield Township, Yardley, Newtown, and Morrisville, PA, from brakes to air conditioning and transmission repairs. Call or visit us now to schedule an inspection.

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