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Why Do My Brakes Squeak?


Why Do My Brakes Squeak

There are many reasons your brakes could be making a squeaking sound. Don’t jump to conclusions! It could be a result of something you never even thought of. One very common reason this is happening is because of the dew or moisture on your brakes.

Temperatures are dropping and the harsh winter is coming our way. That means extra moisture! Since most cars are left sitting overnight, the water from dew, rain, or snow can gather to the surface of your brake rotors.

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Here’s what you’ll notice when braking:


  1. Squeaky noise
  2. Thumping sound
  3. Physical impressions of light rust on the brake rotors


How can you prevent this?


  1. Before you hit the road, warm your car up! Most of the time your brakes will only squeak for a short while until they build up heat and get progressively warmer when you apply the brakes a few times.
  2. By adjusting, cleaning, or lubricating the part, our skilled technicians here can repair the squeak so you can drive down the road with peace of mind.
  3. Keep your car in the garage if possible. If the squeaking continues, there may be another issue at hand and you should schedule an appointment here to come into Glenwood Foreign Car for a brake check up.

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