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Car Timing Belt

If your car is making a Clicking or Ticking noise you’ve come to the right place. First we need to understand what a Timing Belt is!

What is a Timing Belt?

To simply put it; your Engine will not work […]

MINI Used Spark Plug

Being the proud owner of a Mini is a pleasant experience in itself, as it provides dependability and makes driving more enjoyable. Apart from all the top-notch features, Mini owners may face issues such as poor vehicle performance which happens […]

Car Brake Repair

You know what sound we’re talking about – the one your car makes when stopping abruptly. No need to panic! Discovering the issue is the first step. Your Brakes are one of the most critical features on your vehicle. When […]

MINI Gear Shifting Issue

The Mini Cooper is one of the most iconic models on the road today. These compact vehicles are recognized across the world for having an ideal mix of design, efficiency, and high performance. Mini owners can be confident in their […]

Audi Low Coolant Warning

Audis are very efficient German-made cars with more than a century of service to people all over the world. As powerful and efficient as they may be, Audi’s engines are prone to overheating and therefore require coolants which can also […]

Volvo Shocks

Volvos have long been known for their reliability and smooth ride. That reputation has only been bolstered in recent years by the introduction of new models with cutting-edge technology and sleek design. But what really sets Volvos apart is […]

Porsche High Engine Temperature

There are many reasons why people enjoy owning Porsches. For one, they are simply beautiful cars. With their sleek lines and powerful engines, Porsches have a look that is both sporty and sophisticated. They are also fun to drive, […]

Audi Detailing

There are several outstanding benefits of detailing your Audi. Detailing is a primary part of your Audi’s maintenance. When compared with a car wash, detailing your vehicle offers more benefits. It is a viable investment towards extending your Audi’s […]

Land Rover Slipping Gear

Land Rover is known for its incredible four-wheel drive and off-road capabilities. However, your vehicle is useless without the transmission distributing engine power to the wheels. While the transmission can run well over 200,000 miles, some habits could help […]

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