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Basic Car Maintenance Guide:

Honda Edition

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There’s no dispute, Honda has always been on the forefront of modernizing any and all technology, from its first motorcycle, to releasing the first hybrid car, (no, it wasn’t the Toyota Prius, Honda beat them by a whole year!), Honda has made its mark in nearly every industry, even medical!



Let’s Get to the Maintenance Shall We?


As far as owning a Honda (or any vehicle for that matter), adhering to a specific maintenance schedule can be down right grueling, but fear not! The purpose of our blog series is to easily show you what’s needed to eliminate the guessing, or worse, waiting until it’s too late for preventative maintenance. Glenwood Foreign Car is your one stop shop from purchasing your Honda to getting your Honda maintenanced.  Give us a call at [...]

If you’re like us, you’ve probably already begun the process of spring cleaning. You’ve likely begun working through your shed or garage, getting ready for the warmer months ahead, and have maybe even started disposing of or packing away things you won’t need for a few months. But have you performed a Spring Cleaning on your car? At Glenwood Foreign Car we’re here to offer you a few tips to get your car summer-ready for the months ahead.

First of all, it’s time to get rid of all the stuff you won’t need for the summer months. Any remnants from our tricky winter–hat and gloves, perhaps salt or a scraper–won’t be needed for a while, so it’s time to find a place in your garage or shed to stow them for a few months.

Once all the trash and winter junk is out of your car, it’s time to give your interior a little TLC. The [...]

BMW 5 Series

The new BMW 5 Series is available now, here are some of the performance and state of the art features you will find in the new 5 Series sedan:


  • 7th Generation of the 5 series
  • iDrive 6.0, feeds you live content and understands natural speech patterns
  •  Active Lane Keeping Assistant uses camera sensors to detect lane markings
  •  Adaptive Mode anticipates curves, crossroads, and street type for a truly personalized performance
  • 0-60 in 4.7 seconds in the 540i xDrive Sedan
  • Apple CarPlay integrates your iphone messages, calls, maps, music


Glenwood Foreign Car Services The BMW Lineup.  Schedule an appointment today.


After months of planning, photographing, piloting a drone, writing, designing, and developing we’ve launched our new website. We hope that you find this new website informative in finding information you’re looking for and that it helps you learn how Glenwood Foreign Car can help your vehicle.

BMW has announced the 2017 BMW 5 Series Sedan (7th Generation of the lineup), will feature Apple’s CarPlay.  BMW is the first carmaker to integrate Apple CarPlay without any cables at all.  iPhones together with any apps that are on it, can be integrated into the vehicle’s system environment via the screen in the car.

In addition, smartphones with inductive charging can be supplied with power wirelessly in the BMW 5 Series Sedan.  This is an optional tray located in the center console in front of the cupholders. The charging tray establishes a wireless connection to the external aerial, which improves mobile phone reception.

The options list also includes a WiFi hotspot offering a high-speed internet connection (LTE) for up to 10 mobile devices.


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