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Jaguar Engine Oil Leak

All makes and models of the Jaguar are built with a sleek style that sets these vehicles apart from the rest. In addition to the elegance that is seen on the outside, the interior has the class to match. All the interiors of each of the Jaguar makes and models use premium materials that are also built to last. The Jaguar is also elevated even more by the engine under the hood. The engine is quality engineered and built for long lasting performance. This performance is a large part of what has made Jaguar the highly coveted brand it is today.

As your Jaguar begins to age, you may notice that some problems with the engine may come up. One of those is that the engine may start to leak oil. [...]

Jaguar Coolant Reservoir

The Jaguar is a recognizable symbol and the pride and joy of quality British products. William Lyons and William Walmsley originally founded their company in the year 1922 naming it The Swallow Sidecar Company. The founders were avid motorcycle fans and originally manufactured sidecars for motorcycles. In 1935, the Jaguar SS 2 ½-litre was first released, but it looks very different from the quintessential Jaguar people are most familiar with today. The company really rose to fame with the production of their sports cars, which were produced between 1948 and 1975.

The Jaguar represents class and sophistication. Many celebrities and royals over the years have been spotted in this elegant vehicle. Yet, even with its high profile owners and reputation for reliability, the Jaguar can succumb to problems every now and again. [...]

Jaguar Ignition Coil Test

Jaguars are elegant, luxurious, and comfortable vehicles; although, that doesn’t mean they’ve sacrificed performance for comfort—quite the opposite in fact. Jaguars are highly functioning cars that produce plenty of power for the average driver and wow enthusiasts all over the world. However, just like any other car on the road, Jaguars require ongoing care and routine maintenance in order to perform well. Even with the most efficient, adequate care, problems can still arise at no fault of the owner or driver. Jaguars have common issues amongst them, and with the help of a trained Jaguar specialist you can cut the snake off at its head before things get out of hand.

One such issue in several different Jaguar models is ignition coil misfiring. When an ignition coil misfires, it can cause [...]

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