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Volkswagen Air Conditioning Issue

An air conditioner in a Volkswagen car works using the principle of stage separation, where air is cooled by removing both air and moisture from the air-conditioned spaces. When this isn’t working, it can make your drive miserable!

The air […]

Volkswagen Mass Airflow Sensor Glenwood Foreign Car 333 Woolston Dr, Yarldey, PA 19067

As a Volkswagen owner, you know that your car is equipped with a Mass Airflow Sensor (MAS) to help ensure optimal engine performance. You’ll want to know what happens if this vital component starts to fail, and one […]

Volkswagen Airbag Malfunctioning Light

Though airbags have been standard in vehicles for many years, their design and function are still not completely understood by the general public. Airbags are designed to deploy in the event of a collision, using a small explosive charge[…]

Volkswagen Empty Fuel

Volkswagens are known for their efficiency on the road and are hailed for their ability to take you a long distance without needing to refuel often. However, given the fact that gas costs are only going higher, you’ll want to […]

Volkswagen Oil Change Warning

Volkswagens are affordable automobiles that are efficient, dependable, and durable. Like every vehicle, Volkswagens experience problems. Oil sludge formation in the engine is one of the most prevalent issues we find in Volkswagens. Oil sludge accumulation is a problem that […]

Volkswagen Timing Chain

The timing chain is a crucial part of any combustion engine, and if it fails, it can cause catastrophic damage to your vehicle. It is common for Volkswagen cars to suffer from premature timing chain failure.

Timing chains, […]

Volkswagen Window Regulator

Many years ago, when the automatic window first debuted in vehicles, it was a luxury feature. Now, all vehicles have automatic windows. It is a feature that car owners come to expect. The automated window system will either be mechanical[…]

Volkswagen Coolant Temperature Gauge

Volkswagens are world-renowned for their high standards in luxury, comfort, and safety, but unfortunately, they are not infallible. Just like any other car, they occasionally will need part replacements and repairs.

Coolant temperature sensors, in particular, are quite important […]

Volkswagen Camshaft Seal Check

There are a number of components that work together to keep your Volkswagen performing at its best. Some of these are the larger, more commonly known pieces, such as an alternator or transmission. Others are smaller, and while they […]

Volkswagen O2 Sensor

If you don’t own a Volkswagen (VW), you might think that the only VW out there is the classic Beetle, one of their most well-known cars. But VW also makes the Jetta, Passat, Golf, […]

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