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Is your car summer ready?

If you’re like us, you’ve probably already begun the process of spring cleaning. You’ve likely begun working through your shed or garage, getting ready for the warmer months ahead, and have maybe even started disposing of or packing away things you won’t need for a few months. But have you performed a Spring Cleaning on your car? At Glenwood Foreign Car we’re here to offer you a few tips to get your car summer-ready for the months ahead.

First of all, it’s time to get rid of all the stuff you won’t need for the summer months. Any remnants from our tricky winter–hat and gloves, perhaps salt or a scraper–won’t be needed for a while, so it’s time to find a place in your garage or shed to stow them for a few months.

Once all the trash and winter junk is out of your car, it’s time to give your interior a little TLC. The vinyl’s, plastics and leathers of most interior materials produce oils that make them prone to drying and cracking, and they should be cleaned with a microfiber cloth using a non-abrasive cleaning solution. Then, once all the dust and dirt have been cleared, vacuum up all the debris. Your windows also deserve some attention during your spring cleaning. The use of defrost, heat and air-conditioning can leave a greasy film on the surface of the windows, which can result in a glare during night driving or rainy weather. A cleaning solution combined with a microfiber cloth can clear this film up with ease.

Now that the interior of your car is clean, it’s time to wash the exterior of your car. The rigors of our unpredictable winter likely did a number on your paint, and additional care for the wheels and tires will have them glistening like new. We can take care of the heavy cleaning at Glenwood Foreign Car. Interior/Exterior detailing starts at $189.00. Call us today for a personalized detailing quote!

Finally, some small checks should be done for your vehicle to ensure that your car is ready to head into the summer months. Change your oil, check your spark plugs, replace your air filter and ensure that nothing is blocking the passage of air to your radiator, and checking your AC components.  All of these, and many other services can be done right here at Glenwood Foreign Car. Bring your car in today for a complimentary AC check.

For all of your automotive needs heading into the summer months, we at Glenwood take great pains to ensure that the cars of those in our community are running properly. To inquire about service or to schedule an appointment, visit us at Glenwood Foreign Car.

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