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Audi Taillights

The Audi has always been a car that turns heads. Audi continues to make beautiful and sleek cars that are sure to attract attention whenever one drives by. When you make the decision to purchase an Audi, you know that you will always have eyes on your car. Every Audi has a unique sense of style that is guaranteed to fit your personality.

As a part of this sleek design, a majority of Audi models are are now being made with LED taillights. The LED taillights add to the alluring look of the Audi, but when one or more of the LED lights go out, then the Audi looks incomplete. It creates gaps in the normally solid looking rear lighting.

One option is to take your Audi in for a mechanic to change [...]

Volvo Tie Rod Repair

As an active and involved Volvo owner, it makes sense that you take the time to really get to know your car. You are able to name most of the parts and you know what they do. You are curious to learn all you can about what makes up your Volvo, because knowing all of the parts can help you to understand how your car works.

As a responsible Volvo owner, you take the time to know what pieces are put together to build the amazing car that you have. It will take time to learn all about your Volvo, but it is worth it in the end. You will know what signs and symptoms to be aware of when something needs to be repaired or replaced.

Whether because you’re having [...]

Car Brake

We don’t need to tell you how important your brakes are for your car’s functioning and performance as well as your safety and peace of mind. Your brakes are what stop you from plowing into the car in front of you at a red light, from hitting a pedestrian or animal, and from spinning out of control when you encounter a flat tire or blowout. That’s why it’s so critical to ensure that your brakes are in good working order at all times. Your brake rotors are a vital component in the brake system that must not be overlooked in routine maintenance. In this article, we’ll go over how to spot the signs of brake rotor failure and what you can do to restore your car’s reliability, function, and security.

What are brake [...]

In-car entertainment and digital devices evolved through various stages of complexity in design that ultimately has lead to the very intricate designs of today’s vehicular amenities. In other words, we have a lot of cool stuff in cars these days! Luxury cars such as Land Rover set the gold standard for all types of in-car infotainment, including navigation systems, and since the recent advancements in technology have afforded us the ability to have in-car navigation systems, drivers have been at a great advantage; now we’re able to stretch our boundaries and explore our territories in a safer way that doesn’t involve a crumpled up, stained, old map or unreliable/unpredictable directions from some outdated website that shall remain nameless.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that these technological advancements are still changing and evolving, [...]

MINI Fuel Pressure Regulator

If you own a Mini Cooper, then you know just how powerful these tiny beasts can be. Ongoing maintenance and repair tasks are critical to follow through with for any car, but for these cars in particular. If you appreciate the MINI’s power and endurance, having an understanding of how to care for them is essential. Some technical and mechanical issues are more prevalent amongst Mini Coopers over other cars, or at least more noticeable. One such issue is failure of the fuel pressure regulator.

The fuel pressure regulator serves an important function in a Mini Cooper’s performance and efficiency. When it begins failing, it’s critical to have the issue addressed immediately, otherwise your driving experience will suffer significantly. In this article, we’ll go over the basic function of the fuel [...]

Tech Tip Tuesday – My Car Battery

The importance of testing your cars battery at your services.

This week we are talking about vehicle batteries. The battery in your vehicle is a very important component to keeping your vehicle running safely on the road. Let’s go over what your car battery actually does and how to ensure it will not leave you stranded on the road!

The battery powers your starter motor and all of the other electronics in your vehicle. When your vehicle is running your battery is actually not needed and stops working. When the battery stops working as your driving your vehicle the alternator steps up and powers all of the electronics in your vehicle, while keeping your battery charged. The battery in your vehicle is typically placed in the front of the engine under your hood. If you [...]

Jaguar Ignition Coil Test

Jaguars are elegant, luxurious, and comfortable vehicles; although, that doesn’t mean they’ve sacrificed performance for comfort—quite the opposite in fact. Jaguars are highly functioning cars that produce plenty of power for the average driver and wow enthusiasts all over the world. However, just like any other car on the road, Jaguars require ongoing care and routine maintenance in order to perform well. Even with the most efficient, adequate care, problems can still arise at no fault of the owner or driver. Jaguars have common issues amongst them, and with the help of a trained Jaguar specialist you can cut the snake off at its head before things get out of hand.

One such issue in several different Jaguar models is ignition coil misfiring. When an ignition coil misfires, it can cause [...]

Replacing My Car Air Filter… Is It Really Needed?

The Importance Of Replacing Your Air Filter


Let’s talk about the importance of replacing your dirty air filter. The air filter in your car is a particulate filter composed of fibrous materials which removes dirt, pollen, bacteria, and even mold from the air. The air filter acts as the first line of defense for your cars engine… scary huh? That being said the air filter is one of the cheapest, yet most important repair to complete. Let’s talk about how the air filter works in your vehicle and why it is so important to keep up with the maintenance.

Take a look at the front of your car where the grill and front bumper are. Do you notice all of the bugs, dirt, sap, etc? Pretty gross when you actually see how much debris and dirt are hitting [...]

Car Braking Mechanisim

The conveniences of the modern car were a far-off ideal only a few decades ago. Each year, advances in modern automotive technology allow for more adaptive, impressively functioning vehicles on the road. From Bluetooth to park assist features, cars are becoming more comfortable, useful, and safe. One of the most notable modern accomplishments in automotive design and engineering is the development of adaptive cruise control.

Adaptive cruise control, or ACC, is a common feature in many vehicles on the road today. The benefits of such features are often lost on drivers today, but in this article we’ll explain how ACC works, the main advantages of it, and how to keep such features working properly for the life of your car. If your car is equipped with adaptive cruise control, after reading this [...]

Car Drive Belt

Auto maintenance is a critical component of car ownership. It requires consistency and dedication to following a routine maintenance plan so that you can avoid the pitfalls of vehicle ownership, which often wind up costing us a ton of money in what otherwise could have been unnecessary repairs. Experiencing issues in your car can be inconvenient and downright scary sometimes; therefore, it’s critical to get your car inspected regularly.

Drive belt issues are common in most vehicles, as the part eventually wears out and needs replacement. It’s essential to follow your recommended maintenance plan for your car so that you can avoid the destructive consequences of a snapped tensioner belt or drive belt. If the belt snaps, it can cause catastrophic engine failure that is often expensive or irreparable. Replacing the belt [...]

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